Join Jewish Federations, Keren Hayesod, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and the World Zionist Organization at the Tel Aviv International Convention Center to kick off our Israel at 75 celebration! Enjoy dinner and drinks at the reception.

Please be aware that the security check-in begins at 5pm and will take 30-45 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Due to heightened security, please plan to spend up to 45 minutes going through security. In order to make the process as easy and smooth as possible, we ask that you do not bring bags or suitcases to the Expo Tel Aviv. In addition, you will need to present ID that matches your registration name. Mission participants will need their yellow wristbands. The attire is Business Casual. 

Celebrate the relationship between Israel and world Jewry and hear from top North American and Israel leadership. Speakers will include President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Join us for a session on the power of collaboration in Israel educational travel. We will consider how to create a continuum of experiences as we explore how collaboration can help address challenges faced by the field and create more meaningful and relevant educational experiences for participants. Engage in an interactive discussion about the challenges and opportunities for the burgeoning field of Israel educational travel.


On the eve of Israel’s 75th Independence Day, the country is in the midst of a great debate that has spurred the largest protest movement in the nation’s history.  Hear from 3 Israeli leaders about the values and concerns motivating them at this moment and what they believe is at stake.


While the benefits of cross-cultural experiences, such as the mifgash or shlichut, have been well-documented, we have a unique opportunity to hear directly from participants about the impact of their experiences, both from a North American and Israeli perspective. This session will provide a platform for participants to share their insights and personal stories, while also delving into the long-term and ripple effects of these cross-cultural exchanges.


Israel’s reputation as the “start-up nation” obscures systemic societal challenges just below the surface, challenges that Federation partner JDC is addressing with new strategies to promote quality of life and equal opportunity and to narrow socioeconomic gaps in Israeli society. New research from McKinsey & Company underscores key issues and raises new topics of concern as well as opportunities to encourage greater integration into Israel’s economic pipeline and create a more inclusive workforce with increased productivity and prosperity for all of Israel’s citizens.


Artificial Intelligence, Health Tech Cyber Security, and Agri Tech are just some of the fields expected to drive the global economy in the years ahead and Israelis are – not unexpectedly – helping lead the way.  Step inside a masterclass to learn different investment approaches at work today and what makes these opportunities stand out on the global scene.


Break bread to discuss some of the critical issues facing Israel today. After you you grab your lunch in Hall C,  head over to the roundtable discussion area in the hall for informal discussions with leading organizations working in Israel. To indicate your preference, select two of the discussions from the list below that you are most interested in joining. Space is limited at each table. (Please note that your selection is not a reservation, rather an indication of interest that will help to to manage this part of the program most effectively.) 

To indicate your preference, click here and select two of the discussions from the list below that you are most interested in joining. Space is limited at each table. 

Learn more about the organizations below:


Haaretz is Israel's paper of record. Published daily in print in both Hebrew and English, its websites offer 24/7 coverage of breaking news and expert analysis rooted in its independence and commitment to liberal democracy and human rights. reaches an audience of millions worldwide.



HIAS is the world’s oldest refugee organization. Drawing on our Jewish values and history, HIAS serves refugees and asylum seekers around the world and advocates for their fundamental rights so they can rebuild their lives.



ITIM is committed to increasing participation in Jewish life by making Israel’s religious establishment respectful of and responsive to the diverse Jewish needs of the Jewish people.

JDC - The Joint

As the leading global Jewish humanitarian organization, JDC saves Jewish lives & builds Jewish life. JDC puts the value of mutual responsibility into action as we provide aid to the most vulnerable, create opportunity for all Israelis, cultivate a Jewish future & lead a Jewish response to crises.


Jewish Agency for Israel

The Jewish Agency provides the global framework for Aliyah, ensures global Jewish safety, strengthens Jewish identity and connects Jews to Israel and one another, and conveys the voice of the Jewish People to the State of Israel to help shape its society.


Masa Israel Journey       

Masa offers life-changing personal and professional experiences in Israel to young Jewish adults from around the world, empowering a new generation of connected, committed, and inspired young Jewish adults.


Open Dor Media

OpenDor Media brings Jewish ideas, values and stories to life and delivers them to a global audience of millions using today’s most popular and far-reaching digital platforms.          


Seed the Dream Foundation       

Join Seed the Dream Foundation for an intimate conversation about our shared efforts to raise awareness, strengthen our KAVOD SHEF network, and increase the resources available to Holocaust Survivors across the United States and Israel.


World ORT

ORT America supports World ORT's global educational programs, transforming 200,000 lives annually in over 40 countries, preparing people and communities for success. Sponsorship generously provided by Richard & Barbara Bernstein

Israel prides itself on out-of-the-box thinking, which yields innovative solutions to global problems. Israelis have applied their creative thinking in many fields, and this session will showcase innovations in the fields of healthcare, agtech, foodtech, and space. Join us to explore how the North American Jewish community can support unexpected drivers of global change.


Israel may not have a Federation system, but Israelis are increasingly stepping up to ensure flourishing communal life in the Jewish State. Hear how Israelis are growing philanthropic capital, and how these models are informed by and – more and more – inspiring the donor base in North America.


North American Jewry is increasingly invested in the building of a shared society between Jewish and Arab Citizens of Israel. Recent positive and negative developments within Israeli society have reinforced the importance of this work to build an inclusive and cohesive society. We will review major trends in the field and hear about innovative strategies, both in the field and funding domains.


Join us for a special assembly to close our Monday program and prepare for Yom Ha’Zikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut.



The music of Kulna

Welcome by General Assembly co-chairs, Jeff Schoenfeld and Shawna Goodman

Remarks by Opposition Leaders and former Prime Minister Yair Lapid

Working across difference with Chani Sabag and Amira Jabar-Qassem, with introduction by Carolyn Gitlin

Looking to the Future with Paula Pretlow, Bat-Galim Shaer, Rabbi Marc Baker, and Julie Platt

Closing Remarks by Eric Fingerhut

4:45pm - 5:15pm IST

Buses Depart Expo for Latrun

From the Convention Center, we will join over 6,500 participants to observe The Masa Yom Hazikaron Memorial Ceremony, which takes place annually in Latrun, to commemorate one of the most solemn and significant days for the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide. This ceremony has been taking place for over a decade and has evolved into the most recognized English-speaking Remembrance Day Ceremony in Israel and across the Jewish world. This year's theme, "Forever Connected," celebrating Israel's 75th year, is a powerful reminder of the deep and enduring bonds that connect Jewish people in Israel and worldwide. At its core, Forever Connected reminds us that we have remained one people both when enduring tragedies and witnessing miracles throughout history. We continue to share a common heritage and also a common future.

North American GA participants will break into small groups and mark this most somber and difficult day on the Israeli calendar with a moving Yom Hazikaron experience.. Joining local memorial ceremonies, - at community centers, high schools, nonprofit organizations, absorption centers, and other communal settings— we will start the day standing at attention for the Memorial Day siren and mourning together with the people of Israel. Participants will then engage in conversation with Israelis to hear what this day means to them on a personal level, before finishing the day at historical sites and/or in contemplation, discussion, and learning.

We are grateful to our partners on this important day:

ANU: Museum of the Jewish People

Beit Avi Chai

Birthright Israel

BINA The Jewish Movement for Social Change

Israel Association of Community Centers


Maaleh Film School

Nefesh B’Nefesh

Ohr Torah Stone

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Shalom Hartman Institute

The Jewish Agency for Israel



You will be assigned one of 16 buses that will be departing Tel Aviv. We are making every effort to keep folks from the same Federation, together. Each memorial ceremony will provide GA participants with a uniquely Israeli experience while the activity to follow will be tailored to the location. Boxed lunches will be provided. Mission participants will need their pink entry wristbands.  

Jewish Federations of North America and Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Boston Federation) are teaming up to host an incredible Independence celebration in Tel Aviv! Join close to 1,000 participants as we mark the transition between Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut with a brief ceremony to honor Israel’s fallen and move into Independence Day celebrations. You’ll have the chance to sample foods from all over Israel, drink, dance, and celebrate with a live band playing Israeli and American covers! 

Join us at Neot Kedumim, a beautiful biblical nature reserve. In addition to music, an Israeli-style BBQ, and Israeli dancing, you’ll learn how olive oil is made, what herbs were used for medicinal purposes in biblical times, and even make your own pita bread! We’ll conclude with reflections from the week and messages from our leadership. 

Just because the General Assembly has officially ended, doesn’t mean the party has to! Join the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, The Jewish Federations of North America, and other community missions to mark Israel’s milestone anniversary at an unforgettable private concert under the open sky in Caesarea! 

Gates open at 7:30 PM 

Ticket sales for the Miami "Voices of Israel Concert" are now closed