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- The Future of Democracy in Israel and the US

- Post the earthquake: Israel's Complex Challenge of Navigating Relationships with China and Russia

- Data Overload: How Do We Make Sense of Things?

- Combating Antisemitism While Building Flourishing Jewish Communities

- Myths, Masking, and Mutual Aid: Mobilizing the Jewish Community for Youth Well-Being

8:30pm - 9:30pm ET

Unorthodox Live Podcast

- Israel and the Arab Middle East

- Future of Jewish Life in Ukraine and Russia

- Antisemitism on the International Stage

- What is the Future of Liberal Judaism?

- Today's Jewish Family

- Aliyah's Impact on the Israeli and Global Jewish Community

- The Abraham Accords

- Age Diversity in Jewish Life Today

- Being Jewish and Zionist Online

- Synagogues and Post-Pandemic Jewish Life

- Israeli Elections: What are the Key Issues at Play?

- Understanding the Moments: Bernard Henri Levy

- Us or Them? Do Universal Values Really Engage the Next Generation?

- Bridging the Gap Between Orthodox and Secular Jewish Communities

- Affordability of Jewish Life

Including Prime Minister's Council (PMC) Event + Community Delegation Dinners

8:30pm - 9:30pm ET

Sponsored Receptions

Tentative "Action Workshops" (Updated Regularly)

- What Is Our Advocacy in the Year To Come?

- Building Bridges and Strengthening Civil Society: Community Relations in the Year Ahead

- Keeping All of our Communities Safe: Building a Culture of Belonging and Security

- The Annual Campaign and the Global 911: Raising Money in the Time of Continued Tumult

- The Important Role Partnership Communities Continue to Play

- Building Strong and Effective Organizational Partnerships

- Putting Viewpoint Diversity Theories into Practice

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