Asaf Agmon

Asaf Agmon

Brigadier General (res.), businessman and social leader

Brigadier General (Res.) Asaf Agmon served more than 30 years in the IAF.

In 1981, Asaf Agmon was the first pilot to land with a Hercules in the Sudanese Desert in “Operation Moses", saving Ethiopian Jews.  In 1991, while serving as a base commander, he led all air operations for "Operation Solomon."

Brig. Agmon commanded many special operations and was the Head of the Special Operation Branch at IAF Headquarters.

Brig. Agmon was decorated with the highest medal for bravery of the IAF.


Brig. Gen Agmon served as the Israeli Military & Defense Attaché in Japan and South Korea. 

In 1998, he retired and founded one of the four largest companies for cellular supplies in Israel.  In addition, he became a director and partner in numerous companies. 


From 2004 to 2016, Brig. General Agmon served as Executive Director of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies located at the Israel Air Force Center. 


Brig. General Agmon committed himself to encourage, foster and help in the successful absorption of Ethiopian Jewry’s with a focus on the community’s youth.  He has supported the Ethiopian community school in Kfar Saba for the last 17 years and serves on the board of Fidel, an organization that boosts educational support for Ethiopian Israeli students.


Asaf Agmon continues in active reserve duty and served as a flight instructor in the Air Force Academy and as a committee member on several Israeli Air Force committees.


Brig. General Agmon has a B.A. in Economics and Business Management from Tel Aviv University, as well as a master's degree in Political Science, from Haifa University. 


He is married to Raya with whom he has five children and nine grandchildren.