Prof.  Yifat Bitton

Prof. Yifat Bitton



Achva Academic College

Prof. Yifat Bitton is the president of Achva Academic College of Science and Education in the south and a prominent human rights activist.

She is a law professor who got her Ph.D. from Hebrew University. Additionally, she holds an LL.M. from Yale University and spent her postdoc as a Fulbright fellow at Harvard University. During her legal career, taught as Visiting Professor at NYU, U Chicago and Peking University. Prof. Bitton is a legal academic and social activist, specializing in gender equality, anti-discrimination laws and tort law and has published substantially in these fields. She has been shortlisted twice for Israel’s Supreme Court, making history as the youngest woman to ever appear on the list and the first woman of Mizrahi descent.


Prof. Bitton is the Director and Founder of a number of civil society non-profits, and currently serves as the Chair of "Tmura Center" for the promotion of equality, which she co-founded 15 years ago, and where she has been able to secure numerous legal precedents. She also hosts a weekly radio show on Galei Zahal.


For her long-lasting human rights work, Prof. Bitton has won myriad distinctions, among them: The Aliance Prize for Education and Social Change; The Minister of Social Equality and Israeli President's Award; "Honoris Causa" from of the Israeli Bar Association; The Safra Award for Contribution to Israeli Society; The Hadassah Foundation Bernice Tennenbaum Prize for innovative feminist and many more. Prof. Bitton was also Nominated Forbes' 50 Most Influential Women in Israel.

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