Dr.  Estee  Rieder Indursky

Dr. Estee Rieder Indursky



Tel Aviv University

Dr. Estee Rieder Indursky, a postdoctoral student in the Department of Gender at Ben Gurion University and a research fellow at the Hartman Institute.

She teaches in the Department of Communication and the International Program at Tel Aviv University and in the Department of Political Science at Emek Yizrael College.

Estee is an ultra-Orthodox feminist activist who is engaged in promoting the status of women in Israeli society and especially women from her community. She is the founder of the “Nehama” forum of ultra-Orthodox women and policy making, a leader of the "No Voice No Vote” campaign and served as joint CEO of Nivcharot – an NGO to promote ultra-Orthodox women’s political participation. Estee is an active member of a variety of forums that fight the exclusion of women in Israel and she is also member of the board of the association "Itach-Maachi” and "The mamlachti ultra-orthodox public".

Her first book "And They Are Not Visible" which includes a fascinating conceptualization of "Orthodox feminism" won the Pardes Publishing House the Lottery Award. Her doctoral thesis from the School of Culture at Tel Aviv University gives a voice to ultra-Orthodox women who wish to study Gemara and is the winner of the 2020 Dan David Award for Promising Researchers.

Estee came to the academy after years of working in the ultra-orthodox media, where she wrote, among other things, a political column under a masculine penname