Matania Greenvald

Matania Greenvald

Shlichut Alum


The Jewish Agency for Israel

Matania Greenvald is a shlichut alum with the Jewish Agency.

Matania was born and raised in Beit Shemesh, to an orthodox observant family. During his high school years he participated in a P2G Diller teen leadership program and was very active on national student council. Matania chose to go on Shlichut and served as a shin shin in Baltimore in 2018-19. Upon return, he studied for six months in an orthodox yeshiva and then served in the IDF as a Combat Engineering Corps. Today, Matania is the director of a national program for about 1500 youth at risk, preparing them for IDF service.  He is studying towards a multidisciplinary bachelor degree in Economics, Business Administration, Human Resources in Bar Ilan And for the past seven years he has been volunteering at MDA. 

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