Rina  Ayalin-Gorelik

Rina Ayalin-Gorelik

Executive Director


Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ)

Rina Ayalin-Gorelik (adv.) is Executive Director of the Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ).

She is an attorney specializing in civil law with a BA in Law from Hebrew University, a MA in law from Bar Ilan University and a MA in Public Policy from TAU.

After 16 years in the private sector, she co-directed Bar Ilan University’s Clinic for the Promotion of Equality and participated on the legal team of the late Solomon Tekah’s (z”l) family to court.

At the AEJ, Rina confronts discrimination, advocates for social change, equal opportunities, racial equality, civil and human rights, improved perceptions and better policies on behalf of Ethiopian Israelis. She partners with diverse stakeholders to keep the government accountable and improve state policies for better advancement and inclusion of Ethiopian Israelis.

In April, 2023 Rina addressed 170,000 protesters in Tel Aviv about Israel’s marginalized and minorities suffering from unequal treatment and policies.

She lives in Bat Yam, with her husband and two kids.

Celebrating the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of the Jewish People

Monday, April 24
9:00am - 10:15am