Talia Cohen Solal, PhD

Talia Cohen Solal, PhD




Talia Cohen Solal is the CEO and co-founder of Genetika+ where they are developing new tools to guide therapy for Major Depressive Disorder. 

Talia Cohen Solal is a Neuroscientist who received her BA/MA in Neuroscience from University of Oxford, a PhD from University College London working on the underlying mechanisms of schizophrenia of and then completed her fellowship at Columbia University developing translational tools for mental illness. She then moved into industry where she led the scientific program as Principal Scientist at Pairnomix in Minneapolis, a White-House Endorsed early-stage company developing personalized medicine tools for rare-genetic diseases. Dr Cohen Solal has through her career raised funds for her research and innovation through 8 grants and 2 VC backed fundraising rounds totaling $14 Million in funding, published 10 academic papers, and filed 3 patents all in the field of Neuroscience.

Innovation Driving Global Change: What is Israel's Role? 

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