Sigal  Shelach

Sigal Shelach



JDC Israel


Sigal Shelach is CEO of JDC Israel. 

She holds a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in the Department of Labor Studies, specializing in the fields of immigration and employment. In 2001, she joined the Research and Economics Administration at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor and served there for six years. During this period, she was involved in the implementation and management of programs to integrate various populations into the workforce.

In 2007, Sigal began working at Joint-TEVET, the joint employment project of Joint Israel and the Government of Israel, where she developed programs to benefit Arab society and immigrants and to improve relations with employers. Sigal was appointed director of Joint-TEVET in 2012, and in 2018, she became the CEO of Joint Israel.

Promoting Economic Growth through Integration and Inclusion

Monday, April 24
10:45am - 12:00pm