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OCTOBER 26, 2020

  • Experience the Full Federation Together Plenary

  • What Does a "We" Society Mean?

  • An Interview with Two Governors from Opposite Sides of the Aisle

  • What "Federation Together" Means to Me: Personal Messages from Federation Leaders

  • HaZamir: The International Jewish Teen Choir Sings Performs the National Anthems

    • "Heal Us Now" – a Musical Prayer

    • Federations' Mutual Dreams & Challenges with JFNA President & CEO Eric D. Fingerhut

    • GA Welcome and Roll Call with JFNA Board Chair Mark Wilf

    • Three of Israel's Top Political Leaders with Federation Together Plenary Chair Suzanne Grant

    • A Federation Journey During COVID-19: One Woman's Story

    • A Blessing and Song from Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

    • Re-Envisioning Connection and Community Post-COVID


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  • Altered Weddings, Zoom Baby Namings and Social Distance Funerals: Reinterpreting Ritual During COVID

  • A New Kind of Trust: Unprecedented Collaboration in Unprecedented Times

  • 2020­–A Catalyst for Reimagining Fundraising Practices

  • From Casablanca to Dubai: Jewish Communities in Far-Reaching Places

  • The View from Israel: Should World Jewry Have a Voice?

  • Delivering Human Services Around the World: Federation/Agency Partnership Models

  • When Peers Are Everything: Supporting Teens through the Pandemic

  • When There Are No Answers: Jewish Wisdom and Living in Uncertainty

  • The Post-COVID Climate Challenge

  • Imagining the Future of Philanthropy

  • Global Pandemic, Local Security: Ensuring Safety and Security in the Age of COVID

  • COVID and the Jewish Community: Research and Action