Post-GA program


It's an overnight and continues on Thursday!

The Jewish Agency Board of Governors (BOG) is meeting October 24 – 25 in Tel Aviv, immediately following the GA. The BOG is one of the few forums in Jewish life that brings together volunteer leadership and professionals from across the Jewish world – geographically, ideologically and religiously. In addition, for the great majority of the Jewish federations in the US, it is the recipient of largest single allocation.

The upcoming meeting in October 2018 will be the first one led by the new chair of the Jewish Agency Executive, who will be chosen in June to succeed Natan Sharansky after his nine years as chair. Many key issues on the global Jewish agenda including Israel-Diaspora relations, rising anti-Israel activity on college campus, working towards the full inclusion in Israeli life of residents of the geographic and social periphery, aliya and absorption, among others will be discussed and appropriate actions in response will be decided. The Jewish Agency BOG is a unique opportunity to experience the work of the global Jewish collective.

If you're joining the BOG there are discounts available for the GA. For more information contact Karen Strauss.