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Tel Aviv | October 22-24, 2018

Israel and the diaspora. What a relationship! For generations, we’ve been together. Through thick and thin. And this year, we’re celebrating 70 years of partnership. But even in the best relationships, misunderstandings can happen. A difference of opinion here. A misinterpretation there. That’s why we’re heading to Tel Aviv. To talk it out and ensure that our next 70 years remain strong. Together.

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The GA takes on Tel Aviv!

Israel’s seaside metropolis and vibrant cultural and economic capital is the host city for GA 2018. We’ll start at Tel Aviv’s state-of-the-art convention center. But don’t expect to spend too much time inside, because this GA is a moveable feast of conversations and experiences.

We didn’t forget Jerusalem.

What is a GA without a visit to Israel’s capital city? But we’re not there as tourists. In 2018 we will venture to the Knesset to meet with Israeli leaders and discuss the most compelling issues facing the Diaspora–Israel relationship.

See You in Tel Aviv.

GA 2018 kicks off at 9 AM on Monday, October 22 and ends at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, October 24. Make sure to stay Informed on pre and post events.


The cost of the GA is $499.
The cost of the GA when coming with a local mission is $399.


If you’re coming just for the GA, we’ve reserved rooms at the Hilton Tel Aviv, The Tal, Dan Tel Aviv, The Royal Beach, & The Intercontinental. All near the beach, all centrally located near HaYarkon.


To book your hotel using our rate, you need to first register for the GA. Click here to register now.

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