October 22 - October 24, 2018

For the first time in 86 years, the GA takes on Tel Aviv. Israel’s most modern city is the backdrop for the Federation Movement’s premier leadership gathering. But this is not a convention. It’s a conversation—an opportunity for Israelis and North Americans to delve into the issues that bring us together and tear us apart.

The GA takes on Tel Aviv!

Israel’s seaside metropolis and vibrant cultural and economic capital is the host city for GA 2018. We’ll start at Tel Aviv’s state-of-the-art convention center. But don’t expect to spend too much time inside, because this GA is a moveable feast of conversations and experiences.

We didn’t forget Jerusalem.

What is a GA without a visit to Israel’s capital city? But we’re not there as tourists. In 2018 we will venture to the Knesset to meet with Israeli leaders and discuss the most compelling issues facing the Diaspora–Israel relationship.

A GA not to be missed.

  • Share a coffee with prominent Israeli philanthropists, pundits and activists.
  • Celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary where it all began-at Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall.
  • Spread out and travel throughout Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba to see the impact of our work—and the challenges ahead.
  • Tour Tel Aviv’s cultural and historic landmarks and neighborhoods to see Israel’s social challenges through a new lens.
*Program in formation and subject to change.

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70th Anniversary Mission!

This landmark Federation journey enables you to meet the people, speak with newsmakers and experience Israel and the work we do there in totally unique ways.

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