Federation Together


7:00PM (EDT)

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Come Together for the Federation Together Plenary

The past six months have been the most critical period for Federations in decades. As our communities shut down, our responsibilities grew exponentially. Federation was built for this moment.

By leading and collaborating, by caring for those who needed help and by inspiring those who could offer help, Federations stepped up and supported their communities in unprecedented ways.

And now we’re calling all Federations — 146 Federations strong — to come together to pay tribute to the incredible work of the last six months and set the course for our shared future.

Federation Together will be a time for those who play a role in ensuring the success of Federations locally and at large to come together, unite, celebrate and plan for our flourishing Jewish future.

Please look out for your personalized, non-transferable invitation and registration code which will also allow you to register for other events at our virtual General Assembly — coming soon!

Suzanne Barton Grant, Chair, Federation Together Plenary

Come Together for More

Jewish Community


1:30PM (EDT)

Together, we have all been a part of this historic, dramatic and traumatic year.

Never have all our communities been so challenged, all at once and on every front. And never have we come together so successfully to collaborate on solutions. What lessons have we learned? What problems have we yet to solve? What opportunities lay ahead for the organized Jewish community?

During this time, our Jewish institutions came together. We mobilized hundreds of millions of philanthropic and public dollars. We created opportunities for our children and young adults to lead and serve in new ways. We helped families and professionals in need. We celebrated Jewish life in innovative ways and we held each other close through personal loss and trauma.

It’s time to come together once again — all of us — to reflect, learn and prepare for what lies ahead. Jewish Together, a special plenary of the first ever virtual General Assembly of the North American Jewish community, will be that opportunity. We hope you’ll join us.

Julie Platt, Chair, Jewish Together Plenary


Today and Tomorrow, we will feature workshops designed to explore questions and challenges currently facing Jewish life and the Jewish people.


Jump into the 2020 phase of the FedLab experience and explore solutions to the challenges now facing our Jewish world. By invitation only.

Cohort Convenings

Federation affinity groups, including National Women’s Philanthropy and National Young Leadership, will be holding special gatherings during the virtual GA.